Collection: Graciela

We are KIPU, a family business, we weave among 20 women from Cieneguillas at 3800 meters above sea level.

We make garments with wool fiber from Llama Baby, it is the camelid cattle that we inherited ancestrally for subsistence.

We carry out the entire process from the breeding of the llama, shearing, washing the fleece, selecting the wool and spinning until obtaining the handicraft, applying the knowledge that the "women before us" transmitted to us.

For the dyeing we use natural products such as yerba, beet roots, walnut, airampo or cochineal... so mother earth is literally present in the blankets along with our llama wool.

Most of the garments are baby llama, this is the llama's first shearing, the wool is very soft and we take the best for spinning that later goes to our women's loom