Collection: Tania

I started embroidering at the age of 14, I am from a beautiful town in the province of Salta, from a very young age I used my embroidery to generate income for being a very young mother. Today I live with my husband in Catamarca.

In each blanket I dedicate 20 days of work with a lot of detail and love, I make them by hand with 100% hand-spun sheep wool from the hills of Catamarca, from a divine place called "Agua Amarilla".

My husband helps me with the loom, we dye on fire and mark "freehand" without any type of pattern or mold, it is the noblest expression of the handmade and unique, if there is something that we take care of in our blankets it is that all the garments are unique and with a "handmade" process at every moment of creation.

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