Collection: Maria Fer's Ponchos

I learned from my grandmother who taught us to make gloves and socks with bicycle spokes and the dyes were natural dyes, she sent us to gather sour oranges in the square for the mordant, this is so that it "grabs" the dye naturally.

We are a family of artisans, my husband, cousins ​​and son, we work on a creole loom with threads of llama, vicuña, alpaca and sheep wool, we also work with leather, this is the livelihood of all of us.

My husband is in the leather goods trade and my son is studying Computer Engineering.

We make ponchos, shawls and footboards. We dye with natural and industrial dyes. The fibers of ponchos and ruanas are spun on a distaff, warped, enlisted and designed in horizontal cloths on a Creole loom, finishing the garment with washing and ironing.

We also buy the wool from local suppliers, producers who also raise camelids and sheep, they also have their stories and are families who live from what they do, rescuing the knowledge and teachings of our Argentine culture.