Collection: Gustavo Chavez

So long... I had never thought about how I started, it was now, 17 years ago. Creating with nickel silver was the joy I found in life.

I remember that I did a craft workshop in my house, paradoxically, because I love freedom, I thought that this would give me the possibility of becoming independent and it did. It is true when they say that if you do what you love you will be free.

My creation techniques are hand drawing, chiseling and embossing, using mostly nickel silver sheets 02 and 03. I work in nickel silver with wood and aguayo appliqués, leather or cardón; wooden tea boxes, trays, mirrors, the truth is that when you create from your imagination and from what you feel... there are no limits.

As my own stamp, I make old or rustic drawings or a combination of both to later translate them into my works, I consider them works of art!

The raw material I use is glass, wood and nickel silver in rolls. I have an assistant, my eldest son, he helps me finish the works but the most important thing is that I am leaving this knowledge to someone.

I want them to last after me and who knows maybe through that I inherit the freedom that I have...