Collection: Silvia


My embroideries are made of barracan or pillory of sheep's wool, all on a loom. 

I learned from a very young age out of necessity and my "hands began to speak" through embroidery. Today, my husband and my sister accompany me in the creation, design and sale.

The barracan is a fine handmade fabric made of threads that can be made from sheep or llama, always hand-spun, as is usually done in our northwestern Argentina.

These fabrics can be dyed naturally, I usually do it like this... in clay pots over a wood fire I heat the water and it ignites the color naturally with a mordant that my grandmother taught me, I do it like this with the barracan or picote without embroidering yet .

I am inspired by flowers, embroidery is born there and my hands speak, some take pencils and draw flowers, I take a needle and thread and draw embroidery... each blanket has a minimum stitching time of 20 days and the colors or Flowers always mean a specific moment in my life. Some artisans leave paintings for life, I leave embroidery.