Collection: Carlos

When I was very young, I remember, my father used to make nickel silver trays and my mother silverware... I started selling. My dad used to tell me "if you do something, do it with passion..." and that's how I started to learn. At the age of 18 out of necessity I started making silverware. Then at 20 I continued with wood. He made chairs, tables, furniture, and in everything he recycled wood left by the steel mills... like now.

In my town they threw away the leather, they did not know how the material was worked, so I began to study and learn how to "cure" them, make the leather last, wash it, remove the hair, I began by asking the gauchos.

The process begins by immersing the leather in very large plastic containers, it should not come into contact with the metal because the leather darkens. Then comes the peeling and cleaning, always in one piece. Then I gradually tighten it with stones.

The first thing I did were leather tents for box springs, chairs, leather bowls and there I saw that the combination of leather and nickel silver was beautiful, combining these two techniques was a very good discovery. The material guides me, it tells me what it wants to be.

Today I buy the fresh leather in the fields when the cattle are slaughtered. In my house I have assembled the entire process of washing and "curing" the handmade leather. 

Nickel silver is formed by an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. I make it red hot and hammer in hand I am giving the shape and the material is guiding me to what it wants to be, then polishing until I have the famous Argentine white of the nickel silver. I work everything in my house with the tools that I make myself. From the time I get up until the sunset.

My inspiration is the need for expression understanding nature. I dream it and at midnight I wake up and write down... and in the morning I start to create...