Collection: Veronica

We are Verónica and Carlos, we were born in our beloved northern Argentina. My husband Carlos is an electrician and he started creating handicrafts with his brother since high school, he took it as a hobby and then due to the number of orders it became a job.

While I was studying Economics, I met him, he told me what he was doing and we started this path together, as a couple and as a work team since we learned to share the same dreams and the same goals.

At first we made accessories and jewelry, we grew, incorporating new materials and techniques and we began to create new products, our first child also arrived and we saw the need to increase our income.

We started selling at Handicraft Fairs in our town and there we had the opportunity to meet more artisans, new clients and we had new challenges in production thanks to the demand.

We focused on the metal straws looking for a different and innovative design but always, always the quality of the work above all else.
It didn't take long for someone to order us a mate, we entrepreneurs never say no, barriers are not a problem, they are a learning opportunity, that's how the time of imperial mates arrived, leather, wood, pumpkin, nickel silver, we all got to know and select the best for our works.
I am in charge of the designs, quality control and contact with clients, Carlos does the work of translating the ideas from paper to metals, handicrafts are more than a job, it is a lifestyle and gives us the chance to continue growing together, to have quality family time.

One of our greatest satisfactions is knowing that each product carries a bit of our passion and as the first generation of artisans we are leaving our family a first trade where they can express their creativity.