Collection: Raúl and Nico

We are Raúl and Nico. We are 29 and 27 years old, each with his wife and son. We are from Gualeguay and we have been making mates for 1 year, we started in our spare time as a way to generate extra incomes.

I was a construction worker and my friend worked in a refrigerator, I learned to make mates in a workshop, I loved the process from the moment we chose the gourds until we finished putting the bolster and we began to improve the production process of the mates, we still do it, the improvement is continuous. 

The first batch we made we sold everything! We liked it a lot. We dream of living on this and to be be the main family income. The next step is to make our own nickel silver ferrules, we only work with gourd, natural leather and nickel silver. We are going to do everything we can invest, we want to progress.

It takes us 2 days to make a mate, one is for the assembly, cooking and trimming and the next day is for everything that is nickel silver.

It inspires us a lot to be able to see that our handmade work can reach any place, any home where someone drinks a mate while studying, working, chatting or simply looking at a landscape.