Collection: Don Jesus


“…The countryside continues to give my friend, my father used to say “look, son, the countryside is so noble, it forgives us all our mistakes and when we need it, it is there, giving us everything it has and making Argentina great as it was from the beginning… ” 

My name is Jesus (smiles) but nothing to do with God ha! They say I'm one of the best master leather artisans but I never saw the ranking (laughs out loud).

I started at a very young age without any teacher to teach me the trade, I learned it only by watching older people. 

I specialize in work for gauchos, lasso, guarda mount, whips, reins, saddles, hats, scabbards, trunks, wallets, etc. 

The leather work is a long process, it lasts 5 to 6 months of treatment from the time I get it when I go through the mountains and farms on horseback, until the pieces are finished. 

Once I have the leather, I select by color and coat, I prefer the shorthaired. Then follows the washing in sinks. Then it is carefully aired until it softens.  We work wet, cutting and shaping. The piece is dried in the shade without exposing it to the sun or air. Everything is done manually. Until then, it's been at least 2 months...

Here in my workshop you will always find me until I have no more strength, friend, we all work hard to get the country out..."