Collection: Hector Federico

I'm Fede and I'm 37 years old, this is the job my dad taught me, and it's what one day gave me independence and freedom. I could almost say that I was born for handicrafts...

My father worked in an artisan workshop with my uncle, in that workshop he met my mother and shortly after I arrived, the first of 10 children. Some are learning these trades, the younger ones are not.

I think we all have something that marks us from birth and we discover it, others know it from the first moment and "embrace" it, I always knew it was handicrafts. 

From a very young age I was in the workshop with the hammer hitting some sheet metal. I started as my dad's helper, cleaning the pieces he created until one day he had an accident, at the same time we had many orders and suddenly he had to teach me everything in one go, perforation, welding and chiseling. 

My dad was a pioneer and organizer of handicraft fairs, one day he stopped going and started working at home, that's where I started going, having my own clients and discovering my own imprint in the works I created. All artisans have a different personality in their creations, this also helps make the pieces unique.

The nickel silver roses arose by accident, for my girlfriend, I wanted to give her something original, uniquely made by me and I put together these roses, she liked them so much that she motivated me to sell them, I didn't want to, I wasn't sure about the demand or if it was going to like people. One day, to show me that I was wrong, she put those roses in a fair stall, everyone wanted to buy the roses that I gave her... She convinced me.

The mates arrived for pleasure, I like to give them to friends and family as gifts so I started making some with a special imprint and the orders started.

I was born for handicrafts, I followed this path and I will continue it the day I have children as my dad did with me.