Collection: Tomasa Dorado

“…From a very young age I started making jewelry, then I had two children and started a family, over time I had to raise my children when I was left alone and I returned to jewelry, but it was different, I wanted to give value to everything I until one day I had a cattle horn in my hands and I began to play with the materials.

When I shaped the first mate it was the first part of the assembly of the work, the other thing that I had to define was the process of curing the materials so that they were of quality.

The antlers are cured with bicarbonate and a lot of cleaning, it takes 3 months to be completely innocuous, the material is sent to us from different Livestock Farms in the north.

When the antlers are fully cured, we begin with the cuts and polishing, the most difficult part is the chiseling and welding of nickel silver, this part is very meticulous since the grip of the metal to the antler must be careful...

My children help me and they are learning to assemble the mates and they collaborate so that this technique is not lost, but they already know that the study comes first…”.