Collection: Celma

When I was young I created for a lady in Mexico, we made huge trays and very elaborate details for estancias there. Then with the rise in the dollar and metal, she stopped coming, there we asked my husband "what we could do", he knows the knowledge of wood and it occurred to him to merge algarrobo, palo santo and nickel silver... that's how mates were born .

First we had to define the design and creation process. It is very complex, the magic begins when we have the pieces of algarrobo or palo santo that family forest enterprises send us from other provinces.

We begin to shape the mate manually until it remains in raw wood, then we let it dry for 6 or 7 months. After those 200 days, we apply natural beeswax for 3 weeks that comes from beekeeping producers.

If you realize, up to here the Foresters, Beekeepers and Artisans collaborate, it is wonderful.

Finally, we chisel each mate by hand with nickel silver, a whole day's work just to have the beautiful detail on the ferrule and base.

The mate is a process of love and detail for us, it is the representation of very Argentine moments, we are excited to know that they will be in the midst of friendly chats and beautiful encounters.