Collection: Sergio


“You never know where life takes you, you think you have everything planned and suddenly someone turns the wheel and your path is another…”

I was born in Necochea Province of Buenos Aires, I began to familiarize myself with mud and the wheel approximately 32 years ago, I was looking for a place where clay and ceramics are something typical, so I arrived in Humahuaca 16 years ago, in that search I met Beatriz, the woman who "turned the wheel" (laughter), the woman who stole my dreams, so together we started the venture. 

I work on the works and she does the decoration and glazing of the pieces... it's about balance. The production process of a ceramic piece begins with the selection of the clay, we bring it from Peña Blanca, it is soaked in water and decanted for a while, this process can last between 2 to 3 months. Then we filter and select the ones that combine best. Since we work at high temperatures, we transform the clay paste and prepare the piece, let it dry, polish and paint.

Thus we arrive at the first 1000 degree bake, Beatriz starts with the enamel and they go into the oven again at 1180 degrees. This gives them high resistance to blows and temperature changes, which is why they can be used in microwave ovens, common ovens, direct heat on a diffuser, dishwasher, etc.

The enamels we prepare ourselves have the quality of being unalterable even over time. The design reveals the red clay in its natural color, obtaining a modern and rustic fusion at the same time. These characteristics are fixed by cooking at 1180 degrees, this is high temperature.

An advice? (smiles) if you want to undertake something, look for a partner who shares the same dreams.