Collection: Sonia

My name is Sonia, I learned to knit 42 years ago, I started when I was very young with my aunt's first teachings, I remember that the first garment I made was a vest... and I never stopped again.

One day I got married and to help with the income at home I began to knit more and more and also added actions to help other people (training them) and that they can generate their own income as I was doing up to that moment.

Then the years came, and I continued to acquire a lot of knowledge in a self-taught way, one day I was encouraged to mix techniques, loom, two needles, felt, etc., but all I did (until then) were traditional garments until I felt the inspiration in places, moments, seasons of the year, landscapes, the abstract that you can come to live throughout your life at specific moments.

The Hornocal, Yungas and Salinas ponchos were born with inspirations from those places, each garment has the inspiration of a little corner of Jujuy, a landscape, a moment that transcends into a unique and unrepeatable garment, it is an inspiration that remains in a creation, in a photo of what you feel.